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Short description

Janitor makes it easy and fun to contribute to Open Source projects, by providing pre-configured development environments, with a web Terminal, web IDE, and web Remote Desktop.

Long description

https://janitor.technology wants to make it easy and fun to contribute to all major Open Source projects.

It provides instant development environments (Docker containers) that are fully-preconfigured for projects like Firefox, Servo, Thunderbird, Chromium, Discourse, KDE, PeerTube, and more.

These environments are usable directly from the web, using only a web browser, thanks to a fast web Terminal, a fully-featured web IDE (Cloud9 IDE), a web Remote Desktop (noVNC) and various web previews.

With Janitor, setting up an Open Source project on your own computer is no longer required, which saves you a lot of time and effort: Our Docker containers spawn in 1.2s, allowing you to start hacking on any Open Source project in no time.

Our goal is to scale up and support as many Open Source projects as possible. Please help us make code contributions easy and fun for all the major Open Source projects out there.


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Application Instructions

There are many ways you can help Janitor make Open Source contributions easy and fun for everyone:

  • If you know a cool Open Source Software project that isn’t currently supported (i.e. you know how to set up a development environment for it, and how its contribution process works), we can help you write a simple Dockerfile to produce a development environment for that project and add it to Janitor. Then, any developer will be able to use Janitor to contribute to this project easily, directly from their web browser, in just a few clicks.

  • If you’re an expert in JavaScript (ES6), you can help us improve and extend Janitor’s core features. For example, we want to integrate Janitor with many other services (like GitHub, Bugzilla, and Azure). We also want to improve the automated configuration of all Docker containers, in order to save our users a lot of time while they work.

  • If you love front-end web development, you can help us improve our web app or our web-based IDE. Any improvements in our User Experience will directly benefit the developers of all our supported projects, so you have a chance to make many Open Source developers happy and more productive.

  • If you’re used to running Docker containers across multiple servers, you could help us optimize many development environments in parallel. This would allow us to host more Open Source projects and developers on our current hardware, and to scale up faster and more efficiently into the Open Source Software world.


Our details

Why does your org want to participate in GSoC?

  • We’re eager to welcome newcomers to our project and community, and we enjoy providing mentorship on our code, processes and anything else. The enthusiasm and fresh perspective that students bring to projects are very valuable to us, and contributions are incredibly welcome.

How many potential mentors have agreed to host this year?

  • 1-5

How will you keep mentors engaged with their students?

  • We’ll set up weekly one-on-one video chats, and keep an open line of communication on IRC to discuss things as they come up.

How will you help your students stay on schedule to complete their projects?

  • We’ll start by discussing a few key milestones with rough time estimates with the students, write down what we agree upon, and then use our 1:1 chats to periodically check in on these milestones.

How will you get your students involved in your community during GSoC?

  • As a community, we’re active on our IRC channel and Discourse forum, so we’ll encourage students to join us there and engage with us. We’ll also make sure that they’re aware of discussions related to their project or interests, e.g. by occasionally pinging them on IRC / Discourse / GitHub. We’ll ask them for their thoughts on particular issues, and possibly for code reviews where that makes sense.

How will you keep students involved with your community after GSoC?

  • Newcomers who started interacting with us on IRC and Discourse have tended to stick around after their initial contribution, and they continue to participate in discussions regularly. We hope that GSoC students will find our community welcoming and fun, and we’ll continue to periodically ask them for thoughts on particular issues, or for news about themselves (and always with respect for other engagements they may have, e.g. studies and exams are always more important than contributing to our projects).

Has your org been accepted as a mentor org in Google Summer of Code before?

  • No.

Provide a reference (If you are a new organization to GSoC, is there a Google employee or previously participating organization who will vouch for you? If so, please enter their name, contact email, and relationship to your organization.)

  • My friend François Beaufort is Googler who uses our project for his work. He seems to really like Janitor, because it allows him to easily work on Google Chrome using his Chromebook, and he regularly provides a lot of useful feedback to us.

What year was your project started?

Where does your source code live?

Anything else we should know?

  • Disclaimer: I created Janitor, and I work full-time at Mozilla, where my role is to improve Janitor for Firefox and Servo developers specifically. Mozilla sponsors Janitor by letting me work on it, and by providing significant resources (e.g. hosting), but I chose to apply Janitor to GSoC independently from Mozilla, because the scope of Janitor exceeds Mozilla’s own projects. Our goal is to make it super easy for anyone to contribute to as many Open Source projects as possible.