We have stickers! (& magnets!)


This is what our swag stash looks like now:

Everything comes directly from Sticker Mule (I followed Johann’s excellent advice) and the ones one the top right are magnets.

If you enjoy swag and/or want to help promote the Janitor, I have some stickers for you! I can also ship them to you via snail mail if you live really far away.

Print Your Janitor Logo in 3D

We spotted a few Janitor stickers out in the wild!

Here is Clara rocking the very first Janitor sticker ever! It will probably be worth millions one day:

And here is the back of Paul’s phone, with the very second Janitor sticker ever:

It’s an honor to be in the company of such great project stickers. (Note: Janitor has already helped improve all of these projects!)

If you spot other Janitor stickers/magnets out there, we’d love to see a picture! :camera: :smile:


Requesting permission to call the following JanitorBook:


Permission granted, JanitorBook sounds amazing! :smile: And it looks amazing too. Thanks for sporting our project logo, that’s quite an honor.


Here is Liz Henry’s laptop, with our trusty mascot lovingly cleaning Firefox of bugs and stains:

She has really cool activist stickers! Ask her for some if you meet her and want to make the world better, also she’s amazing.


A wild Janitor magnet was spotted on Mozilla’s Paris office coffee machine:


Here is probably the coolest water bottle (it’s Paul’s):


There is so much going on on Ben’s laptop that he’s considering adding his next stickers on the inside:


Ok, this is slightly off-topic, but I’ve got news! :tada: We now have dedicated parking spots from 9:00 to 10:00 every Wednesday in the Italian city of Bergamo:


I recently visited the Gitpod offices, to chat about their project and demo Janitor. As a “prank”, I left a lot of Janitor stickers (and a few magnets) in their kitchen: :joy:

Update: Some magnets seem to have gotten onto their extraction vent! And they’re now plainly visible in every Gitpod daily standup: :joy:


This is the coolest schwag item ever! :star_struck: :sparkles:

Thank you so much @Coder206 for designing, printing and mailing me this 3D Sweepy. It makes me extremely happy. :smile:


That reminds me :smiley: