To Sweepy or not to Sweepy? (Janitor logo name discussion)


1 Did we end up picking a name for it? I remember “sweepy” but maybe I’m wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

In light of @Jan’s recent comment in Discourse, I am starting this thread to discuss the name of the mascot for the project.


  • Sweepy

Feel free to add more ideas and later we could do a poll to see which prevails.


Or also:

  • Sweeper (“sweepy” sounds a little like “sleepy”)
  • Fixbot
  • Autofix


Or there’s always BroomBot.


Also, Roomba (which incidentally is also the affectionate name given to SpaceX’s rocket clamping robot that lives on their landing droneships)


I hope iRobot doesn’t mind (their vacuum cleaner robot is called Roomba)


There doesn’t seem to be a consensus forming around anything else, so I went ahead and made it officially :sweepy: :sweepy: .


:sweepy: :sweepy: :sweepy: ! Coool :smile: