Ssh access to Discourse Janitor


Continuing the discussion from Feedback wanted for Janitor - Discourse development in the cloud:

I saw (I think in the Janitor source?) something about port 22. Is it possible to ssh in to a running Janitor instance to, for example, move files back and forth? If so, it wasn’t immediately apparent how one might do that.

Similarly, access to port 3000 (for web access) is limited to the browser within Janitor, right?



You can upload and download files within Cloud9. You can do it by dragging and dropping into the directory tree, or by clicking File :arrow_right: Upload Local Files…. Similarly, you can right-click a file in the directory tree and choose Download (for some reason, you can’t download with drag-and-drop).

It’s possible. The current UI doesn’t expose any information about it, but the new one does. It’s in the Advanced tab. The SSH key is here (ignore the advice about Cloud9; that’s out-of-date).


Right on. I figured that part out.

It works! I’d installed my own key with ssh-import-id.

This just gets better and better.