Solutions to common issues




Lately,’s SSH connection to Janitor containers has been a little unstable. This can lead to errors like this one:

Or this one:


The good news is that these errors are temporary.

If you simply try again a few times, e.g. by refreshing the Cloud9 page, then it should simply start working:

EDIT: Just now I had to try about 20 times before it worked. I believe it’s getting worse.

We apologize for this very annoying problem. It should disappear soon though, once we stop using and replace it with our internal Cloud9 SDK based IDEs.

Note: You can already try the internal Cloud9 IDEs today, and completely bypass For that, simply click on the VNC button next to any container in your Contributions page, then edit the URL to replace “/8088/vnc.html” with “/8089/ide.html” and hit Enter.

The Janitor F.A.Q


Sometimes, SSH connection problems don’t just disappear after refreshing Cloud9 several times. This can be due to Janitor containers not recognizing Cloud9’s SSH key.


In this case, please make sure that your Janitor account contains the correct Cloud9 SSH public key (the Cloud9 username also helps us verify that you’ve successfully joined our Cloud9 Team Account “TheJanitor”):

A few notes:

The link below the text area allows you to make sure that the SSH public key you’ve authorized for your Janitor containers is actually the same that Cloud9 uses to connect.

The email at the end of the key gets stripped away (if you refresh your Janitor Account page, the email will disappear). This is not a problem, because SSH emails are comments anyway.

Any changes to your public key won’t affect existing containers. If you realize that your authorized key is empty or has the wrong value, you’ll need to delete any pre-existing containers and create new ones after you’ve fixed your SSH public key.