Sharing efforts and benefits with all Open Source projects


With Janitor, we currently have two high-level goals:

  1. Modernize software development
  2. Share efforts and benefits with all open source projects

To make 2. happen, we need to team up with Open Source organizations, and offer to accelerate development of their software projects with Janitor in exchange for sponsorship (infrastructure, development time).

Here is a list of current or potential open source partner orgs, and the status of their sponsorship:


  • Efforts:
    • Hosting Janitor containers for any projects on 3 bare-metal servers (more possible)
  • Benefits:
    • None (generously supporting Janitor and open source development in general)

Mozilla - Firefox & Servo

  • Efforts:
    • Hosting Janitor containers for Firefox & Servo (MoCo employees only), on AWS (Linux) and Azure (Windows)
    • Implementing Windows support on Janitor
    • WANTED: Developing integrations with Firefox development services (Bugzilla, Phabricator, Treeherder, Crash Stats, etc)
  • Benefits:
    • Development environments for Firefox & Servo (MoCo employees hosted by Mozilla; Community Mozillians hosted by IRILL)


  • Efforts:
    • None
  • Benefits:
    • Development environments for Thunderbird (hosted by IRILL)

Google Chrome

  • Efforts:
    • Alpha-testing Janitor (Chromium containers) and providing feedback (fbeaufort)
    • WANTED: Hosting Janitor containers for Chromium
    • WANTED: Access to GOMA build service for Chromium
  • Benefits:
    • Development environments for Chromium (hosted by IRILL)

Linux Foundation

  • Efforts:
    • None
    • WANTED: Hosting Janitor containers for Linux Foundation projects
    • WANTED: Advice and stewardship helping Janitor become an open, collaborative, multi-stakeholder development platform for all major OSS projects
  • Benefits:
    • None
    • WANTED: Development environments for Linux Foundation projects


  • Efforts:
    • None
    • WANTED: Hosting Janitor containers for Discourse
  • Benefits:
    • Development environments for Discourse (hosted by IRILL)


  • Efforts:
  • Benefits:
    • Development environments for KDE (hosted by IRILL)

Google Summer of Code

GSoC can somewhat help in achieving both 1 and 2, and could make Janitor more popular in the open source community. Check out FAQs to know more about the program and its eligibility criteria.

  • Efforts:
    • None
    • WANTED: Accept Janitor as a mentoring organization in GSoC 2018 (application starts from January 4 17:00 UTC and deadline is January 23 17:00 UTC)
    • WANTED: Offer Janitor accounts to GSoC contributors for every open source project that Janitor supports
    • WANTED: Hosting Janitor containers for some projects
  • Benefits:
    • Development environments for supported open source projects

Is there a business plan?

How is Janitor currently hosted?


Janitor is currently hosted on 4 powerful Docker servers (3 bare-metal servers hosted by the IRILL research lab in Paris, and 1 AWS EC2 c4.4xlarge instance hosted by Mozilla in California) plus 2 small VPS servers for our two web apps ( and this Discourse).

Thanks to copy-on-write and resource sharing, one Docker server can host a few project images and many many developer containers (currently ~100 containers per server, but I think we could easily scale that to > 1000 containers per server, even on smaller servers than what we have today).

We’d love to partner with open source organizations like CDCK, and offer unlimited instant pre-configured development environments for all Discourse developers, in exchange for a little engineering time (i.e. ensuring that our environments continue to work well for developing Discourse / filing bugs) and/or some help hosting developer containers (e.g. a CDCK-sponsored Docker server dedicated to Discourse development would be amazing).

@erlend_sh is this something you think CDCK could be interested in? :slight_smile:


What are your thoughts on a place to recognize the sponsors and their contributions to the project?
Particularly IRILL for their generous support.

I was thinking this could be a webpage, footnote or even in-app recognition (ie in Cloud9 a message saying something like “This environment is supported by IRILL”)


These are great ideas, thanks @Coder206! We already briefly mention sponsors at the bottom of our, but I agree we should do more than that.

On a related note, I’m thinking of re-doing our landing page while porting it to our new design, and we may want to add a section with our sponsors’ logos. (Additionally, I’d like to add a bit more info on how Janitor can solve your problems, a few screenshots to highlight cool features, and maybe a few testimonials to show that our users really like this service).