Protect new contributors from vim hell (when using arc)


When you contribute to Firefox you should at some point come to the point to use arc. Now, it is a really bad experience, because in a very unexpected way you end up being trapped in vi! And especially for new contributors this can be a shock… :wink: We all know how it ends.

So I would suggest to pre-configure a more useable editor. Nano (which is thankfully already installed) or so…


Hi @rugk! Many thanks for the feedback, and sorry for laying that trap – I’m probably to blame for that one. I guess that’s why Ubuntu ships with nano as its default editor.

I am in favor of setting up the new-contributor-friendlier nano as default editor, but I think we really need a way for users to pick their own default editor.

How about a configurable ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc in settings, which says something like export EDITOR=nano?


Yeah, I guess that would be a good solution. :smile: