Not sure if "Support" and "Feedback" are good categories


  • Feedback and Support should be separate categories
  • There should be one Support category used for both
  • There should be one category with a different name than “Support”
  • I disagree with all of these options

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Thanks for organizing this poll, and in general for making several of our categories!

My vote isn’t a strong opinion. In general I think people might post suggestions or usage reports (tag “Feedback”?) as well as ask questions, report bugs, request help on various matters, etc (tag “Support” or “Please Help” or similar?)


The main reason why I’m asking this is that I’ve seen these two cases happen enough that I’m not sure you can actually distinguish between feedback and support questions:

  • OP asks how to do something, and someone responds by saying it can’t be done. The “Support” question has morphed into feature request “Feedback”
  • OP asks for some new feature to be added, and someone responds by describing how to achieve it with the app as it exists. The “Feedback” has morphed into a “Support” topic, and, more importantly, the OP might decide that they were right and want to mark the topic as solved.


Looks like Feedback and Support are going to stay as they are. Okay.


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