Janitor News #8



Hi there,

This is your recurrent burst of good news about the Janitor.

Janitor 0.0.8 is Live!

We’re inching ever closer to Beta, taking the pain out of Open Source contributions bit by bit.

Here is a quick rundown of what we did since February:

  • Brand-new Discourse forum for our caring community
  • Always-fresh API reference to interact with our service
  • Faster and more stable noVNC remote desktop (production build)
  • Faster container spawn times (3s → 1.7s)
  • Editable .gitconfig and .hgrc for your containers (contributed by @nt1m)
  • Editable container names (contributed by @bnjbvr and @nt1m)
  • API for upcoming push notifications (contributed by @Coder206)
  • Automated linting and many code improvements (contributed by @magopian)
  • Automated building and deploying of our dockerfiles (using CircleCI)
  • Multiple containers per project now possible (for faster multi-tasking)
  • Latest Git (2.8.2 → 2.13.3, SHA-1 collision safe + new indent heuristic)
  • Latest Mercurial (3.7.3 → 4.1.3, improved Firefox clone times 16min → 4min)
  • Latest Rust (stable + nightly, with ripgrep, rustfmt, clippy and rls)
  • Latest LLVM & Clang (3.9 → 4.0, with the clang-tidy static analyzer)
  • Latest Node.js (6.1.0 → 8.2.1, with 5x faster npm + 5% faster V8)
  • Latest Arc (command-line tool for the Phabricator code review system)
  • Latest Cloud9 SDK (to ship a personalized IDE with every container)
  • Latest htop and nano
  • Latest Vim 8 and latest Neovim
  • Better Terminal colors & completion

And it’s finally possible to hack on Janitor using Janitor! Now you can code while you code.

Up Next…

But wait, there’s more!

Here is what we’re currently working on:

  • Quick IDE buttons to Build, Update sources and Send to code review in just a few clicks
  • A janitor.json configuration file to automate your project’s workflows on Janitor
  • Many more projects to be added to Janitor soon
  • A GitHub integration for faster sign-in & faster pull requests
  • A Bugzilla integration for easier contributions to Firefox & Thunderbird
  • Opt-in push notifications in Janitor and Cloud9 (to let know know when builds finish or when reviews are accepted)
  • An IDE sidebar with code review comments you need to address
  • Static analysis and code coverage feedback right in your code editor, starting with Firefox (JS, C++ and then Rust)
  • Open pull requests (and other review requests) directly in Janitor to try them out faster
  • Open failed Firefox test containers from Treeherder directly in Janitor (to let you debug problems in situ instead of trying to reproduce them locally)
  • An API to open just about anything in Janitor really fast

Meet us IRL?

Sometimes we close our laptops to go outside, and we’d love to meet you!

Here are some recent events we went to:

  • May 18: Mozilla Roadshow in Paris. I explained Janitor and here are my slides, a video and a longer video (in French).
  • May 31: Lyon JS in Lyon. A monthly meetup about JavaScript.
  • June 14: Clang Social in Paris. We showed off Janitor and got people very excited.
  • June 26-30: Mozilla All Hands in San Francisco. Great technical discussions and many exciting demos.

And that’s about all we could fit into an email!

If you’d like, please come hang with us in our new Discourse forum or in our friendly IRC channel. They’re great places to ask questions or to chat about this project.