Janitor News #5




We hope that you’ve enjoyed a hot and relaxing summer. It’s time to resume your monthly burst of good news about the Janitor.

A New Order of Magnitude

Earlier in June, the Janitor greeted its 100th user, and we’re now growing fast into the three digits. Today, there are 189 of us, and we’ve collectively landed 31 official code contributions to the 5 supported software projects. Most of them went to Firefox, with Chrome a close second. (Note: If you’ve made a contribution using the Janitor, please tell me, they’re hard to keep track of!)

Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm and help. It’s been an incredible journey so far, but the most exciting is what’s yet to come.

What’s Next

At Mozilla we’re currently in talks with Cloud9 to make their IDE even better for Firefox development. We’d love to build a dedicated ide.firefox.com service (domain pending) that would be accessible to any developer in just a single click. Then we’d like to expand this concept to other projects, with additional services like ide.servo.org and ide.rust-lang.org (domains pending) that should all work seamlessly with the Janitor. And to support these at scale, we’ll move your back-end Docker containers onto a more powerful cloud platform.

Expect open source contributions to become ever easier with the Janitor, thanks to quick and intuitive UX integrations. For example, you should soon be able to send a patch for review directly from your IDE interface, or trigger an automated test run on your code, or even debug it step-by-step to look for bugs, and all these helpers will work simply with the click of a button.

Fixing Account Problems

A few things have changed in the way Janitor Alpha accounts are set up. A separate Cloud9 account is still required, but it appears that Cloud9 asks for your credit card now, even for free accounts. I don’t know why they chose to do this, but I’m sorry for that experience.

If you’re having trouble getting the Janitor to work, please make sure that you’ve added both your Cloud9 username and Cloud9 SSH public key to your Janitor account. Adding your username will enable your Cloud9 account to work with the Janitor (this can take a short while, because I need to add you to our sponsored Team Account manually) while adding Cloud9’s SSH public key will authorize their IDE to access your Janitor environments via SSH (without that, the IDE part won’t work).

Janitor Events

Here is a recap of all Janitor-related events that happened since the last newsletter, or that will be coming soon.

June 13-17, 2016: Mozilla All Hands in London

  • I held two sessions where Mozillians could learn more about the Janitor. High five if you were there!
  • Here are the slides I presented.
  • The room was not equipped for recording, but we shot a video anyway.

August 27, 2016: Gecko Inside in Tokyo

  • During the next monthly community event at Mozilla Japan, there will be a Firefox Hackathon.
  • Mantaroh will tell attendees about the Janitor, and anyone interested will be able to try it.

October 28-30, 2016: MozFest in London

  • Each year, the Mozilla Festival is abuzz with exciting people and sessions.
  • I offered to host a Firefox contribution workshop using the Janitor.
  • I’ll let you know if they accept.

And that’s it for today. If you missed any previous “Janitor News” email, they’re now permanently available here.

Stay tuned for more progress soon,