Janitor News #2



Hi there,

Thanks a lot for being a pioneer in trying to change the way we do software development! The Janitor’s alpha version is doing great, and things are already shaping up fast toward the beta.

It’s very exciting to see this vision becoming reality, and you’re making it happen. The Janitor currently has 31 confirmed users (15 on waitlist) and supports 6 large open source projects (source).

Scaling to Multiple Servers

The back-end code is currently being rewritten to use the Docker Remote API. This will allow exciting improvements, like running multiple Docker servers in parallel, and more control for you on your contributions.

Warning: I will do my best to make this transition seamless, but there is a slight risk of losing some containers in the process. Please back up your work!

Project Dockerfiles

All the projects available on the Janitor have a Dockerfile that describes a Linux environment suitable for their developers. Writing one is basically all it takes to add a new project to the Janitor. A few examples:

More Invites Coming Soon

Invites used to work like this: Users created a Cloud9 account, I asked Cloud9 to upgrade them to premium for free, and finally I sent out a Janitor invite. While this was great to get started quickly, it obviously doesn’t scale. I’m currently working with Cloud9 on a better solution that won’t require premium accounts.

It goes without saying that the Janitor will always be free for open source contributors, but in the meantime if you already have a Cloud9 premium account, please let me know (I can invite you right now).

That’s it for today! If you have any question, or if you’d like to help, please reach out. The Janitor is on GitHub, and we also have an IRC channel on freenode.

Keep in touch,