Janitor News #11



It’s that time again!

This is your recurrent burst of good news about Janitor, the IDE-as-a-service for open source projects.

New design

“Soon” came six months later, and the design, based on Mozilla’s Photon language, is finally here.

Isn’t it gorgeous? (You can tell we’re pretty excited about it!)

The survey

TODO: @jan more info please?

New features

  • You can SSH into your containers. Look in the Advanced tab in the Containers page for a quick one-liner. To set your SSH public key, look for Configurations in the Settings page, then edit your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.
  • When you connect using GitHub, netrc and hub are now pre-configured with your GitHub account.
  • Thanks to @elrido’s help, we’ve got PrivateBin containers now.
  • TODO: @Coder206 any words about DSpace?
  • TODO: Added project descriptions?
  • TODO: Got sponsored by Datadog! + dashboards
  • TODO: Made our service safer and more robust?
  • Janitor has a short domain name, now: https://jntr.io/

Thanks a bunch for being a part of this journey!
Team Janitor