Janitor News #1



Happy 2016 everyone!

I hope you had a great 2015, and I wish you all the best for this upcoming year.

  1. Alpha version is coming!

With this, I’ll finally be able to send each of you an invite for a free and unlimited account on https://janitor.technology.

This past month I implemented basic support for Dockerfile instructions, successfully automating the creation of Docker images & containers. This means that the projects listed on https://janitor.technology will generally stay “fresher”, and that you’ll be able to open them in fully-functional development environments with just a single click!

To follow my progress on this upcoming milestone: https://github.com/janitortechnology/janitor/milestones/alpha

  1. Free Cloud9 premium accounts

The Janitor uses Cloud9 IDE to let you hack on Firefox / Chromium / Thunderbird / etc, by automatically setting up SSH workspaces in your https://c9.io profile.

For this to work, I recently noticed that you need a cloud9 premium account (thanks Daniele and Etienne for checking!). Luckily, you won’t have to pay anything, because the Cloud9 team has generously offered to upgrade all Janitor users to premium for free!

  1. Useful links

You can follow progress on the Janitor by visiting:

  1. Project pipeline

I’m aiming to make the Janitor the fastest and easiest way to contribute to, in order or priority:

  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Thunderbird
  • Cozy

With hopefully many more to come! (Once everything is in place, adding support for a project will be as quick as writing a new Dockerfile.)