Janitor Leaflet



It would be nice to print a cool leaflet (e.g. glossy A4 page folded into 3 parts) that showcases features about Janitor.

Here are a few (draft) items we could add to it:

  • A radical development flow for the modern era (img: patch flow {projects page, searchfox, treeherder orange} > Cloud9 > pull request)
  • Designed for massive software projects (img: project logos)
  • ‎Free, unlimited, instant, pre-configured, up-to-date development containers
  • Ready for work in 1.2 seconds (img: new container is ready)
  • ‎Automated configuration management: Tired of manually configuring every tool? (img: .gitconfig in settings)
  • ‎Scripted project workflows: Often forget that one command? We’ve got you covered with simple buttons. (img: firefox-hg scripts/actions)
  • ‎VNC (img: Servo + xterm)
  • ‎Friendly and always open: 100% home-grown open source & giving back to the community (img: GitHub repo and/or stats page and/or Discourse)
  • Great for your project community & new hires
  • Quick code reviews (img: @ntim’s Reviews panel next to code editor)
  • Quick bug reproduction (img: crash in gdb or rr)
  • Never use old tools again (img: “built 2 hours ago”)
  • Take your code with you, wherever you go (img: something like this)

And here is a slidedeck that we could use for inspiration on the leaflet design: