Janitor Alpha is here!



Good news everyone!

https://janitor.technology is now open for business, which means that you can use it to hack on cool projects like Firefox, Thunderbird and Chrome, and all directly from your browser!

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You’re invited!

You should receive a follow-up email with instructions on how to access your free and unlimited Janitor account.

Reminder: This currently requires a Cloud9 premium account. If you still do not have one, please create a free Cloud9 account and send me your username , so that I can request a free premium for you. Cloud9 has offered to upgrade all Janitor users for free, which is awesome and insanely generous!

What is Janitor?

The Janitor allows you to develop software using only a web browser, without having to install any tools or do any compiling on your own computer.

It works by creating personalized, full-featured development environments (Docker containers) for any given project, and lets you access these environments via Cloud9 IDE for code writing, or via noVNC for a graphical desktop interface.

More details in this excellent demo video we made with my good friend Baptiste.

Supported projects

You can hack & build the following projects in Cloud9 IDE, and run them graphically in noVNC (using right-click to launch XTerm):

  • Firefox
  • Thunderbird
  • Chrome
  • Cozy (early developer preview)

Also, adding a new project is as simple as writing a Dockerfile for it! If there is a particular software project that you’d like to see on the Janitor, let’s work together and make it happen.

Happy hacking!