Janitor Alpha 0.0.7 is Live



What better day to release Janitor Alpha 0.0.7 and the new MOZ1 backend server than on a Friday?

How do I try this?

Simply log in to janitor.technology, click on any of the supported projects and start hacking.

If you don’t have an account yet, the Alpha invite process is bit complicated (but we’re working on making it much simpler). You will receive two emails:

  • one to create a free Cloud9 account (no credit card required),
  • and another to access your Janitor account.

Please carefully read the steps in the “Janitor Invite” email, as they explain how to properly link Cloud9 IDE so that you can use it to hack on Firefox, Servo, Chromium, Thunderbird, KDE (and more projects coming soon) directly from Janitor. If you don’t do it, it won’t work.

New backend server!

The Janitor service now runs on two very powerful Docker servers:

  • IRILL which is located in Paris, and will continue to host open source projects,
  • MOZ1 which is located in California, and will host all Mozilla projects going forward.

MOZ1 is a brand new AWS EC2 instance sponsored by Mozilla, which has 16 CPUs, 32GB RAM, 1TB disk space and that can build (from scratch):

  • Servo in 08:27,
  • Firefox in 11:10,
  • Thunderbird in 12:19 (all clobber build times are from today).

The new project images also contain a few surprises for you:

  • a Terminal prompt with colors, Git completions and a fancy branch indicator,
  • cool scripts: z to navigate faster and rg to grep faster,
  • the official hub script to interact with GitHub repositories,
  • and a hidden feature as well (more about it soon).

MOZ1 is very recent (activated today) so if you started a Janitor contribution before, chances are it’s still hosted on IRILL. If you want to try the new, even faster MOZ1 server, you’ll need to back up your work, delete your previous contribution (and its associated workspace on Cloud9) and click on any Mozilla project again. You’ll then automatically land in a new Docker container hosted on MOZ1. (If Cloud9 doesn’t work instantly, please wait a few seconds and refresh the page.)

A huge thank you to everyone who helped ship Janitor Alpha 0.0.7 by writing code, reviewing code, solving problems, or finding more problems! (Please report any new bugs here or here.)

With love,