I'd like to add bors-ng to the Janitor


Bors is a GitHub App that runs your CI tests before merging, in a way that makes sure the master branch always passes all the tests. It’s used by IMA-WorldHealth, Mozilla’s product delivery team (apparently it’s gotten into team policy), various Rust crates, and more.

The correct container should be in borsng/dev on the Docker Hub. https://hub.docker.com/r/borsng/dev. The janitor tag exists for testing, but we’ll want to use latest once this stuff is tested and merged. The bors dev container is built from the main repository, to help keep it up to date.

Here’s the SVG icon: https://bors.tech/i.svg

Here’s the GitHub repository: https://github.com/bors-ng/bors-ng


FYI the SVG icon is now deployed here as well: https://janitor.technology/img/bors.svg