Happy Janitor quotes


Mind blown! This would have literally saved months of my life years ago when I hacked on Firefox
― Brian King

this is on-par with desktop tools
― Paul Rouget

C’est bluffant.
― Simon Sapin

This will change the lives of a lot of contributors
― Michael Kohler

If that’s not going to revolutionize code contributions, hackathons, weekend workshops, meetups etc. and generally every aspect of Mozilla’s community code contributions, then nothing will
― Flaki

c’est nickel, vraiment rapide :slight_smile:
― paro

I believe your work on the janitor is very important in the effort to bring more diversity to open source, and make contributing to these things more inclusive. Working on open source projects takes a lot of specialist knowledge that is difficult to acquire, and removing as many barriers to that as possible I believe appears to some of our highest ideals. Code being open doesn’t mean much if only a select priesthood can go in and hack on it!
― Dylan Hardison

everything worked perfectly, janitor is awesome, i plan on connecting cloud9 with my ssh server from home
― Andi

thank you - i managed to fix all my linux bugs with janitor
― Paul Rouget, #webembedding (2017-09-06)

no problem. I am in! I can’t believe it’s ready and I can start writing code just in this short period of time :slight_smile:
― rakhisharma, #janitor (2017-09-19)

Janitor rocks!
― Andi, #static-analyzers (2017-09-29)

commit pushé depuis janitor, à 300km/h dans le thalys
― ZeHiro, #kresus (2017-10-06)

actually janitor is so cool stuff that I don’t want to leave it. that is why I always ping you and annoy you :stuck_out_tongue:
in future people are going to depend on janitor. specially mozillians. so keep it up.
― Neha, (private conversation) (2017-10-06)

i would love to have janitor on windows :smiley:
i would get rid of the vm
― Andi, (private conversation) (2017-10-27)

Janitor — Collaborative remote hardware, ready to compile Firefox on any platform
― nbp, (2017-10-27)

I work in Austin this week, I want to work with the Janitor in this all-hands.
― Mantaroh, (private conversation) (2017-12-12)

pushed a patch up to review in no time with the janitor!
― ahal, (#ateam 2017-12-13)

i just pushed code written in janitor to autoland! \o/
the system works!
― bnjbvr, (#janitor 2017-12-13)

Btw, I used https://janitor.technology to make my first thunderbird patch, super useful :slight_smile:
― ntim, 2018-01-01 on #maildev

Just wanted to say thanks for making Janitor. It just saved me a ton of time debugging a crash in Bug 1420229. What happened is my linux build VM took well over an hour to attempt a build and then ran out of hard drive space at the last minute. I hopped onto Janitor and it worked perfectly — in addition to the build working it was much faster and I was able to use the web IDE to help figure out the issue and get a fix attached to the bug. Just deleted my build VM and freed up a bunch of hard drive space :slight_smile:
― Brian Grinstead, (private email) (2018-01-09)

This is pretty great. Once it has goma support, I could definitely imagine using this regularly!
― ojan, (private email) (2018-01-23)


Janitor allows me to quickly debug test failures on Linux from my Mac
― ntim, #janitor (2018-02-08)

A cool new tool suggested to us was Janitor. You can spin up a development environment in seconds and develop through your browser. This is a handy tool for remote work! (https://janitor.technology/)
― MSU Capstone team Mozilla, firefox-dev email (2018-02-10)

ça permet de compiler firefox beaucoup plus facilement et rapidement (économisant MASSE de temps par jour / par dev)
― magopian, #mocofr (2018-02-10)



you saved me from going to the office just to take my laptop back to go to home so that I can work from home today :slight_smile:
― ehsan, (private conversation, 2018-03-08)


Thanks to Janitor.technology, so I could made this. Works really great!
― rugk, bug 1474095 (2018-07-11)

janitor looks amazing, man
― paul_irish, #janitor (2018-08-06)


Janitor is SUPER AWESOME. I have spent my whole day trying to get the build to be done on Mac and other VMs, and by far Janitor being the most convenient and possible :smiley: Cheers to every developer here!
― DakshShah, #janitor (2019-03-14)