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TODO: a walkthrough for The Janitor


@notriddle, could you please explain what such a walkthrough should look like?

I’m not exactly sure that this is the right place for step-by-step instructions, because my gut feeling is that if a tool/service requires a full Manual to explain how to use it, that means that its UX is bad (in other words, I’d really love Janitor to be intuitive enough not to require walkthrough instructions, but maybe that’s wishful thinking and not actually possible).

For example, it would be great to make the website very explicit about what everything means / what every button does (e.g. with little “?” icons that, when hovered, reveal a small explanation?).

Additionally, a “Welcome” screen (or text file) in Cloud9 IDE, with briefly explained one-liners (teaching you how to build, run, test and submit a patch for code review) would go a long way towards making the service intuitive to use.

Edit: As an additional thought, I believe that the software has a very cool “help bar” at the button, that shows you large buttons that could be immediately useful to you (depending on your context). For example in Janitor, this bar could contain buttons like “Create new contribution” and “Set up SSH access” when you’re in your Contributions page, or “Set up Bugzilla access” if you’ve created a Firefox container, or “Re-configure all containers” if you’ve just changed one of your Settings (like your .gitconfig), etc. Not sure how easy this is to implement, nor how likely we are to get it right as opposed to useless/annoying.


You might be right about this. I added this thread partly because you had already mentioned wanting to write those “Welcome screens,” and partly because it seemed like something we’d want (even if the UI is good, not everybody wants to drop into a new app and start applying the generalized tech support flowchart).


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