Discourse image is pretty awesome!


On the Discourse Janitor (I’m not sure what we’re to call it) I was able to install mysql & friends and am running an import as a proof-of-concept. I’ll need to see how the speed compares to my desktop, but this looks pretty great!

For lots of people who want to run an import for a hobby community (read: have no money) and don’t have the skills to set up a dev environment, this looks like it a pretty fantastic solution.

How is this funded? This seems too good to be true.

Happy Janitor quotes

It’s being funded by IRILL and Mozilla, and @jan just wrote a letter to the Linux Foundation. Basically, Janitor exists because big servers are cheaper than the cost of volunteers being off-put by the setup process.


I’d read that thread. OK. This still sounds too good to be true, but I’m cool with that.

This is looking great.

Thanks very much!


Thanks for the great feedback! I’m thrilled that Janitor is being useful to you. :smile:

That’s an amazing way to phrase it!

And an aspect of “big servers are cheaper” that’s important to me is that we can really share efforts and benefits between all Janitor users and project communities (e.g. Docker’s copy-on-write makes creating many containers very cheap, fast and efficient; adding support for a new OSS project is as easy as writing a Dockerfile + janitor.json file; any improvements made to the system, the IDE, etc. instantly benefit every user of every project; and so on). See also goal 2. in the Janitor Master Plan.