Datadog likes Janitor!


Good news everyone!

As you know, we use Datadog to monitor our Docker servers. It allows us to track disk usage, system load and other server health metrics over time. And Datadog also sends automated email alerts when problems occur, allowing us to restore Janitor service in a very short time.

Until recently, we were enjoying all this Datadog goodness for free, using their free tier (allows up to 5 servers, and only keeps metrics history for 1 day).

However, with our brand-new OVH1, we’re now at 6 Docker hosts (5 Docker hosts for Janitor containers, and 1 Docker VPS for this very Discourse). This means that became unable to track all our servers on Datadog, which is a shame, especially since we’d like to add many more Docker servers in the near future.

Here comes the good news. It turns out that Datadog sponsors some Open Source projects, and after reaching out to them, they agreed that our project was interesting and for the public good, and so Janitor will now be sponsored by Datadog! :sweepy: :heart: :dog: This allows us to continue offering a reliable service for our users, on healthy servers.

We’re very grateful for this support, and I think we should make a few symbolic gestures in return:

  • [ ] Add a Datadog SVG logo to a new partners section on our new-design front page (along with IRILL, Cloud9 and Mozilla SVG logos, see pull request #266)
  • [ ] Write a quick blog post announcing the Datadog sponsorship, and showcasing how we use it to keep Janitor servers running smoothly
  • [ ] Make all (or most) of our Datadog data public, using their awesome public dashboard feature that I didn’t know existed! (see this really cool example made by Bastien from my team at Mozilla)


Do you think this could be integrated with the Data page or maybe


Definitely! I’d love to put links to these public dashboards our data page, or to include them using iframes. :smile:


Slightly off-topic, but in the same spirit of giving back our data to everyone publicly, @Coder206 found a way to share our Google Analytics data as well:

Maybe we could add a few Google Analytics dashboards to in addition to the public Datadog dashboards?


DataDog has a Microsoft Azure Integration that we could use to monitor the status of our work with Azure and Windows.

Also, in regards to user behaviour and abuse towards the project, perhaps this solution by DataDog could help.