Could I get an invite?


Hey! I found this place via @notriddle, I’m from the Discourse team. Could I please have an alpha invite? I’d like to try out your Discourse stager.

By the way, your email went to my spam folder. You should review your email config and ask on if nothing obvious pops up.


Hi @erlend_sh, welcome! :smile:

Thanks a lot for your interest, you should have received an invite email allowing you to sign in to Janitor and create Discourse development containers. Please let us know if anything breaks or isn’t clear.

EDIT: Yes, our current automated emails tend to go to spam, sorry about that. We’re looking into switching to MailChimp for automated emails, because we already use it for our newsletters.


Doing it via MailChimp sounds kinda expensive. I know Discourse recommends MailGun.


I believe MailChp made their email API free.