About the Propaganda category


Related to community outreach, including Newsletters, Swag, Talks, Adverts, and the Janitor Evangelism Strike Team (JEST).


Thank you @notriddle for vastly improving and documenting this category! :smile: Also I love the JEST!

But I find the word “Community” very generic and serious (to be clear, I’m incredibly fond of our community, it’s just the the word seems to be used for too many things nowadays) while “Swag” was more fun and tongue-in-cheek.

Maybe we can think of a name that’s more playful?

EDIT: Haha, I can’t like your post, because it seems that you impersonated me to write it :smiling_imp: now that’s playful!


Fixed that part.

Considering what to call it, how 'bout just naming it “Evangelism” (from JEST), Propaganda (a synonym of evangelism), or “Praise” (the name given to an equivalent category in Discourse Meta)?


Nice suggestions, thanks! I really love “Propaganda” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: that’s spot-on for “tongue-in-cheek”. However, I’m just afraid that it’s a little too dark in contrast to the optimism and good nature I see in our community.

Choosing names is always the hardest problem. (I usually spend more time choosing a good function name and comment than actually writing its implementation…)